Service and Facilities

Go beyond expectations with innovation, quality and maximum performance!

RASA Industrial Radiators operates without easing down to create the most suitable industrial radiator systems by integrating the product design which begins computer assisted 3D design with the following FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and thermal calculation programs.

It guarantees to deliver the product to the customer on a timely and faultless manner beginning from the radiator production which starts after design and analysis operations for every product arranged in accordance with the needs and demands of the customer.

It ensures customer satisfaction above world standards for customers at all points in the world with its pre-sales and post-sales technical services offered by the specialist sales personnel and technical staff.

RASA Industrial Radiators uses products of leader brands in their own fields to provide maximum quality products to its customers. Using the brands which have proven themselves with their product quality also allows easy product supply where spare part is needed and allows immediate operation of the Radiators manufactured by RASA.

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