RASA Industrial Radiators

RASA Radiator, which has been established in 1996, produces water, oil and air coolers for all kinds of internal combustion as well as explosion engines and, has been continuing its activities in its new facilities of 8000 m2 covered area which has been moved to in 1999 by maintaining its wide product range as well as its entrepreneurial and innovative quality policy in its sector.

Our Company has adopted the principles of “uninterrupted technological investments” and “personnel training” in order to maintain the quality of its products at the highest level. It has ensured the sustainability of the quality by establishing “Total Quality Awareness” basing on these principles.

Industrial Radiator

RASA is the first choice engine cooling system of many engine manufacturers with the solutions it offers in Industrial Radiator applications. It produces industrial radiators for internal combustion engines such as diesel engine radiators, gas engine radiators, marine engine radiators and for all generator sets. RASA Industrial Radiators are designed for maximum cooling power and maximum performance!
All products are under RASA guarantee.

Remote Radiators

RASA also gives place to remote radiator applications among its wide range of products. It has concluded many successful projects in generator cooling systems and engine cooling systems with alternative solutions it offers to its customers with special applications such as horizontal remote radiators, vertical remote radiators and remote oil coolers.
Remote radiators generated by RASA Industrial Radiators are designed for those who seek special projects and different options.

Intercooler & Aftercooler

RASA has concluded many successful projects in the areas of intercoolers and aftercoolers. The low level of exhaust gas emission was made with R&D activities compliant with the EURO standards adopted in the entire world and the Environmental standards applicable in our country.

RASA, aiming at increased performance as well as reduced gas emission levels, follows technologic developments in the sector and maintains production with high end technology.

Oil Cooler & Fuel Cooler

RASA produces oil coolers and fuel coolers for which special design and calculations are provided to be applied on diesel engines, gas engines, marine engines and generators produced with these engines and continues operations without easing down to keep the performance of its products at the maximum.

Efficiency of fuel coolers and oil coolers has been increased with special and advanced structures.

RASA Industrial Radiators uses products of leader brands in their own fields to provide maximum quality products to its customers. Using the brands which have proven themselves with their product quality also allows easy product supply where spare part is needed and allows immediate operation of the Radiators manufactured by RASA.

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